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Big Bad Backdoors: Part Four (Governments are Threatening Our Cybersecurity)

This image is courtesy of The White House. Here's the moment you've all been waiting for. The conclusion to my Big Bad Backdoors series is here! In the first three parts, I discussed some notable backdoor incidents. In part one, I went back to 1998 to remind my readers about how Back Orifice could bring any Windows 95 or Windows 98 install to its knees. Part two examined a home WiFi roRead more
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Are You Too Good To Be Employed?

The Overqualified Candidate Tell me what you think. In a job search campaign I launched on August, 2014 selectively sending out 3,000 emails to various contacts asking for networking assistance some interesting results were received. Of all the respondents one came from a friend of mine in Boston who took an extraordinary step which I will share. He knows my capabilities and reputation in the in… Read more
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Jim Zubov
Makes complete sense. As I always say, every job is lousy, unless it's your business. I'm open to work with anybody as a consultant, but I don't offer an option to be somebody's employee. If more people do the same, the recruiting industry will collapse, and the businesses will have to face the the real world if they want to survive. Forget about employment, consulting gig eco… Read more
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The Importance of Hard Drive Data Erasing in this Digital Age

Upgrading our old devices to the latest one is always an exciting experience for every individual or even business set-ups. However, have you ever thought that in the process, we almost neglect the trouble of what we are losing or compromising? When we buy a new computer or laptop, we always think that the data we need is transferred to the external storage media or to the new device; however, we… Read more
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BSidesLV 2017: Regulatory nets vs the fishing hook of litigation

This talk will take place at BSidesLV in the Common Ground track What sort of legal and policy choices would lead to more secure and safer software and computing-enabled devices? The patchwork of existing legal regimes in the US is based on regulations imposed on a few verticals (finance, healthcare, and education in part… Read more
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DreamVision IT LLC is searching for an Cyber Security Project Manager in D.C. Metro Area

Job Title:Cyber Security Project Manager Location: Beltsville, MD Duration: Long term contract Rate: $140k annually and up based on experience Clearance: Top Secret Customer: SAIC_ Department of State Project: Vanguard Travel: Local travel in the National Capital Region (Maryland, District of Columbia, and Virginia). Skills need: · CISSP · PMP · CompTIA Security+ CE · ITIL Job… Read more
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