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BSidesLV and Peerlyst partner to extend the conversation beyond time and space

We are happy to announce a strategic partnership with BSides Las Vegas‍ , to extend the conversation beyond the location and time of the conference: Come meet at at Bsides! here is what you can expect: 1. We will have a table where we'll b… Read more
Brent Hutfless

Want to do away with passwords? Avoid biometrics.

In the Mission Impossible and James Bond movies, finding ways to bypass biometric‍ security systems often requires covert or gruesome acts to collect the needed fingerprints, retina, iris, or palm used by an identity scanner protecting some incredible secret. Plots involve a disk or USB drive containing the identities of hundreds or even thousands of deep cover agents or intelligence perso… Read more

By: Brent Hutfless

Want to do away with passwords? Avoid biometrics.

Dave Howe‍, Mark Cutting‍, I want to thank you both for furthering the discussion and reminding the community that there are no fail-safe authentication solutions. There are cases where the tried and true mechanisms still work well, but honestly, all of the current methods are preferable to relying on our biology. My primary goal is not to show that biometric security solutions are … Read more

By: Eternal Student

Should or can there be a "mentorship forum" on Peerlyst?

This is a great question, and it appears you are receiving an outpouring of comments, ideas, and support from the community. One of the great things about the Peerlyst Community‍ is the varied audience and membership, and with that comes the opportunity to mentor‍ or be mentored in surprising and innovative ways. Vendors are welcome here, so you may be able to look behind the … Read more

By: Gina Robertson

Thoughts on the optimal CISO reporting structure

I wonder how indicative the reporting structure is for determining organizational priorities, risk tolerance, and management style? I bet that there is a correlation between CISO to CIO reporting and organizations where technology and the business are poorly aligned. Those CIOs may not a full seat at the table to begin with, leading to CISOs who are positioned farther from the business exe… Read more

By: Amar Singh

Loose Tweets and thoughtless RT's may now cost you Jail Time

I know this is an older post, but laws like these are only going to proliferate and unfortunately they also encourage abuse by framing individuals through spoofed accounts. Someone established a Twitter account, tied it to me with all of the details of my own account, and posted a fair number of very inflammatory tweets. While this was years ago, it was up to me to prove my identity to Twitter be… Read more
Brent Hutfless

What are you doing to promote this community?

I get roughly 100 vendor-related emails a day, far more than I have an opportunity to read throughout the day. Like many people, not only do I lack the time to open each one, but many of the products hitting my inbox are competitive solutions to something the company already employs. Lately, I have started steering technology and security vendors that I respond to toward Peerlyst. I'm also m… Read more
Terry Gold

BSidesLV PasswordCon2016 Talk: "The Deal with Password Alternatives"

I am presenting at PasswordCon and wanted to post here to provide visibility into what I will be talking about. Despite the potential complexity of the topic and low level discussions that can (and will) be ha, boils down to this.... Hackers are great at breaking things, typically not at specific organizational remediation at scale. Just not where they specialize. Doing authenticatio… Read more