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Peerlyst Meetups are here!

We are glad to announce our recent initiative: Peerlyst meetups! Below you'll find our updated list of meetups:

peerlyst paris meetup

Ambassador: imad soltani‍, Yul Bahat, CISSP

Next meetup: September 13th

First ever Peerlyst Meetup in France, September 13th

Hi everybody,After months of preparation, we're finally ready and thrilled to announce the first ever peerlyst paris meetup‍, or in other words, the first ever peerlyst‍ meetup in france‍. The event will take place on the 13th of September, and will

peerlyst san francisco meetup

Ambassador: Jayant Thakre

Next meetup: August 2017

Call for speakers - First Peerlyst SF Bay Area Meetup

Whether you are an experienced cybersecurity professional, a student with interest in cybersecurity, or an ethical hacker, we all can learn from each other. Meetups provide great opportunity to learn, make new friends and have a chat with like-minded

peerlyst tampa meetup

Ambassador: Felice Flake MSc, Cybersecurity, BA, SEC+

Next meetup: August 3, 2017

Peerlyst Tampa Meetup Event scheduled for August 3, 2017

The Peerlyst Tampa Meetup group is scheduled to host its next event on Thursday, August 3, 2017. We are still confirming our speakers’ availability; the following speakers have confirmed they will be presenting at this event:Regine Bonneau, JD/JSM, M

Previous meetup: June 20th

Peerlyst Tampa Meetup is coming in June 2017

Hello, all.The Peerlyst Tampa Meetup group is scheduled to host its first event on Tuesday, June 13, 2017. We are in the process of confirming speakers and topics, but we have confirmed our venue.Our venue is:South University, 4401 North Himes Avenue

peerlyst pune meetup

Ambassador: Himanshu Anand

Next meetup: June 3rd, 2017

Peerlyst Pune meetup, June 3rd - Call for Speakers

Hi All,I am pleased to announce that we will be doing out next peerlyst pune meetup‍ chapter meetup‍ with null‍ Pune monthly meetup, on: 3rd of June, 2017.Venue: Payatu‍ office (502, Tej House, MG Road, Camp, Pune, Maharashtra 411001)Timing: June

Last meetup: January 28th, 2017

Peerlyst Pune meetup goes to college

peerlyst pune meetup - I am happy to announce that we will be organizing ‍Pune's first peerlyst meetup at SCIT[1] college, where we will enlighten students about Peerlyst and afterward will deliver a Guest lecture, Topic: " Network forensics"Date and Timings: 28th Jan, 201 Security

peerlyst bangalore meetup

Ambassador: Nitin Kotwal

Next meetup: May 7th. Register at the link below:

Peerlyst Bangalore Meetup#1, May 07: Secure SDLC Considerations and Threat Modeling

Hello All,We are delighted to announce the first #Bangalore #meetup group for peerlyst‍ and the broader security community. We invite all Security Professionals and Enthusiasts, who are interested in exploring different processes, practices and metho

peerlyst sydney meetup

Ambassador: Thomas Hanbury

Next meetup: TBD

Last meetup: March 28th

Venue: InfoPeople, Mezzanine level, 383 Kent Street, Sydney

Peerlyst Meetup Sydney - Let's talk about Sec!

Peerlyst, info, events - Hi All,I am delighted to announce the first Sydney Meet-Up group for Peerlyst and the broader security commuinty! Please click on the following link Peerlyst Sydney to become a member and start the security conversation in Sydney! You will very short Security

peerlyst atlanta meetup

Ambassador: Corey Charles

Next meetup: TBD

Last meetup: April 13th

Peerlyst Atlanta Meetup New Date: April 13th

Hello All,Great news, we have a new date for the first meetup in Atlanta. We are set to April 13th at 6pm. Please find the link below for anyone who is in or who will be in the Atlanta area. Peerlyst Atlanta's first meetup will focus on multiple aspe

peerlyst jaipur meetup

Ambassadors: Harsh Bothra‍, Ashish Sharma

Next meetup: TBD

Last Meetup: March 6th

[Presentations Slides] Peerlyst & OWASP Jaipur: WAPT '17 Workshop - Strikes to Success

Web Application, Penetration Testing, Workshop - Web Application Penetration Testing '17 Workshop under peerlyst jaipur‍ & OWASP-Jaipur happened on 6th-7th March '17 strikes to a success. Around 120+ Students were part of this workshop and had hands on experience on variety of topics. PPT's are at Security

peerlyst singapore meetup

Ambassador: Akshaya Venkateswara Raja

Next meetup: TBD

Last meetup: March 16th, 2017

First Peerlyst Singapore Meetup

Peerlyst, Singapore, pentester - I ,Akshaya Venkateswara Raja‍ am glad to invite you to " First Peerlyst Singapore Meetup" on 16th of March, 2017. Are you a pentester, security researcher, student or hacking is your passtime? Here comes the time for all of you to focus your attentio Security

First Peerlyst Singapore Post Meetup

On 16th March we had our first Peerlyst meetup in Singapore. First of all I would like to thank Abhinav Singh‍ for introducing me into Peerlyst. This was my first experience of organising an event and I was very excited to do it. Thanks to Evgeny Bel

peerlyst london meetup

Ambassador: Eh'den Biber

Next meetup: TBD

Previous meetups:

June 20th

Peerlyst London Chapter June 2017 gathering - CyberSecurity Talks & Networking (20th June, FORA)

Dear Peerlyst'ersI'm excited to be part of the upcoming Cyber Security talks & networking event, here in London!There are two amazing speakers (Leron Zinatullin & Paul Guckian), which means I really need to work hard to match up to the level of their

May 25th

Peerlyst London - discussion and networking event - The Times Are Changing?

Hi everyoneThe world’s largest study of technology leadership is to be released on the 25th of May in London, and I'm thrilled to share with you the great news that our peerlyst community have been invited to the release event! The Harvey Nash / KPMG

February 2nd, @jamieswinebars,

Introducing - The First ever Peerlyst London Meeting, Celebrating at Jamies ([TOMORROW)

london, ISACA, productive - Hi everyoneI'm really excited to introduce the first meeting of our Peerlyst community in London. The reason I joined Peerlyst, and the reason why I volunteered to be an ambassador of it in london is simple - I believe in our community.London is a st Security

peerlyst tel-aviv meetup

Ambassador: Eric Klein

Next Meetup: August 9th


USER MANAGEMENT HEARTBURN – CURE & VACCINATION.With multiple users‍ accessing a growing number of cloud applications‍ on daily basis, maintaining control‍ over a secure environment‍ in your organization is becoming an ever-increasing challenge.A bull

Previous meetups:

April Peerlyst Tel Aviv Meetup

April peerlyst tel-aviv meetup‍: VOIP‍ security‍ 101 what you need to know presented by Eric Klein‍. We had another great meetup at Google Campus‍ for the tel aviv‍ meetup.‍ This time the topic was VoIP Security 101, an extension of the chapter in t

January 18th, Google Campus, "Privacy by design for startups: legal and technology".

Photos from the World's first Peerlyst Meetup

meetup, tel aviv, google - Last night we held the first Peerlyst Community‍ meetup in tel aviv‍ at google Campus.We are looking to make these a monthly event each on a specific topic with 2 speakers (or a panel).First session (video to be posted soon) was about privacy‍ by des Security

peerlyst delhi meetup

(Peerlyst Delhi National Capital Region NCR meetup, switching from Noida->Gurgaon->Delhi)

Ambassadors: Abhinav Mishra‍ and Ankit Giri‍.

Next meetup: TBD

Previous meetups:

May 28th, 2017

Peerlyst Delhi (NCR) Second Meetup

Hi everyone,Please find the link to the album of all the photographs of Peerlyst Delhi (NCR) Second Meetup: delhi meetup‍

Peerlyst Delhi (NCR) Second Meetup Announcement, May 28th

UPDATE: Thanks to all for a huge number of subscriptions. But due to limited capacity, we will stop the registration on 26th May, Friday.Taking the best from other meet-ups and adding things which we think would improve the agenda. I, ‍Ankit Giri‍‍ t

January 28th

Peerlyst Delhi First Chapter MeetUp

training, life, meetup - With an inconsolably running nose and coughing throat in the foggy morning, I reached at one of the training rooms of ToTheNew at 10:15 AM on 28th Jan'17. It was the Peerlyst Delhi Chapter First MeetUp.Waking up early on a Saturday morning and travel Security

More ambassadors are welcome to volunteer for additional locations specified in the link below:

Announcing Peerlyst meetups + call for volunteer Peerlyst Ambassadors to organize meetups

infosec professionals, call for volunteers, ISACA - We believe the time has come to bring the value of Peerlyst to infosec professionals‍ globally - locally. So we're announcing a call for volunteers‍ - we would like Peerlyst community members to volunteer to initiate and arrange local Infosec meetups Security

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Yul Bahat, CISSP

Hi. Is there anything happening in Paris? If not, can I organize something?