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Announcing a new Peerlyst initiative: Resume Rewrites

Dear Infosec Job Seekers - if you need help with your resume, read this!

This initiative is for you. We know and appreciate the challenges of finding jobs in Infosec. Finding a new job in any line of work is hard, and this is also true for infosec, despite many claims of 0 unemployment in the industry or similar. We know this, in part because you, the people in the community having a hard time finding a job, told us. And we want to help.

Many factors play a part in the whole "algorithm" of finding a job and one of these is your resume. What's on the resume, how you edit it to target a specific job, the template used and how it looks in general. It's not easy to get all of this right. At BSides Las Vegas‍ this year a number of our community spent the 2 days rewriting people resumes and this was a very popular initiative at the conference. An initiative we now want to expand to a permanent initiative, run by the community for the community.

So dear job seeker - what you need to do if you want have the community help you improve your resume is the following:

  1. Create a post titled "Resume rewrite request: Your name or handle"
  2. Upload your resume to google drive
    1. if you want to use your Peerlyst handle and not your real name, replace your real name and any other critical PII in the resume with handle+dummy data
  3. Set sharing permissions to "anyone with the link can edit"
  4. Paste the link in the body of the post and use the tag resume rewrite‍ in the post
  5. Write extensively about what type of job you're looking for, or even better link(s) to actual jobs you're applying for. Our resume rewriting volunteers need this information to help you target these specific jobs.
  6. Wait for the community to edit your resume

That's it.

Call for resume rewriting volunteers

To be able to help people get jobs, we're going to have to help each other rewrite the resumes of community members in need of jobs.

Please post below if you want to volunteer to help out with this. We will then invite you to posts requesting resume rewriting, and you can also find these posts via the tag.

Thank you everyone - thank you from us and on behalf of those in need that we can help.

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Ricky Cielma

Just curious if there is still activity on this front? I'm surprised more groups have not capitalized on the cyber security market for resume writing. There are a few out there, but they want surprising high fees. The ones charging standard fees really have little to no infosec background.

Daniel Browne SSCP CEH

I'm presently looking for an opportunity so would be open to have my CV/Resumé evaluated.