Peerlyst was built as an open community for security professionals and was within 5 years served over 1 million cyber security experts from 191 countries. We were really proud to build a place where anyone could learn, share knowledge, and advance their career. The site hosted ~150,000 resources, wikis and blogs in security, all created by members of the community at their own will.

Thank you, security professionals, for promoting knowledge, equality and making the online world better.

For inquiries, please write to

Limor Elbaz (Founder and CEO)
Evgeny Belenky (VP of Community)
Vivek Munde (Director of Engineering)

Early members: Gaurav Thapa (Backend), Claus Houmann (Community), Kamal Ali (Machine Learning)

Big supporters: Frank Olhorst, Kimberly Crawley, Magda Chelly, Basheer Ahmed Khan‍, InfosecTDK‍, Dean Webb‍, Dennis Leber‍, Varun Kohli‍, Richard Stiennon‍, Chiheb Chebbi, Eric Klein, Ankit Giri, Abhinav Singh, Rosie Anderson and many others ...