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Dave Howe

presumably the solution is to use an alias - then it doesn't really matter unless they can somehow associate the alias to your real identity?


Lucas young

I was wondering why I saw the ghost traffic on Waze quite frequently now

Be worried: CA Attorney General sets "reasonable security" standards

Blink, and you missed it. The California Attorney General slipped a hand grenade into the bouquet of stink known as California's Annual Breach Report (2016). In it, the definition, standards, and implementations of "reasonable security‍" for businesses and organizations are spelled out in specifics. Its "one size fits all" approach to security programRead more
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James Hampton

"Compliance" is not security. 


Eric Klein

Would love to see someone use a Freedom of Information request to see how well this Attorney General's office or State Court System are in complying with all 20 points via a detailed questionnaire to be filled in by all employees. Let's see how go... Read more


New fresh phishing campaign hits Facebook

A new phishing campaign takes advantage of Facebook's security measures in order to appear legitimate. In this case, the creators of the campaign have created an app which is, in essence, a simple that displays a fraudulent version of Facebook's login page.

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Weigh in on Breaking Security News!

Here are some of the top-trending cybersecurity topics. If you have insight or a strong opinion on any security issue—especially these hot-button ones—please share with the community! Phineas Fisher's Account of How He Broke Into Hacking Team Servers 'Perfect Storm' of Ransomware, Malvertising and Phishing Attacks Follow 'Celebgate' Forum Breach Researchers Read more
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Could you really make more than $1m USD/year as a pentester???

This post is inspired by a question I saw posted over on LinkedIn. This individual had been told by the owner of a consulting firm that the firm's pentesters‍ were all making north of $1m annually. An eye-popping statement for sure, he wanted to know how realistic that number was. TL;DR - it isn't very realistic, but it is quite possible to break the typical $75-$150k ceiling if … Read more
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Brandon Krieger

How much does an average penetration tester make per hour and per year?


Adrian Sanabria

I agree, Kris Rides‍ - maybe not a million, but even at a quarter of that, it's nothing to scoff at. You're right on acquisitions - pentesting firms don't make terribly lucrative targets. I could see a product-focused vendor ... Read more


Why you need DRM for your documents

If you pay $1.99 to download an ebook for your Kindle, it's protected by DRM that stops you sharing the contents, and if Amazon wants to, it can revoke the document so you can't read it any more. Is your company's current price list protected nearly as well?

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